Mi Alegría
Identity and graphic universe for a classic toys manufacturer
Mi Alegría
Identity System
Graphic Universe
Character Design
"Mi Alegría," a toys manufacturer established in 1956 has accompanied the children of Mexico for many generations. The brand has a characteristic graphic discourse that had not changed... until this day. Legacy® set an internal creative challenge to show the hypothetical evolution of the brand. A fresh take on the beloved brand’s personality to create a stronger visual language to compete in the current market.
The result is a full brand redesign, which elevates "Mi Alegría" to a refreshing and modern context. This redesign glorifies the brand's heritage via its vintage-looking graphic treatment, typography and illustration style. To differentiate each product sub-line, Legacy® created a new set of characters that aim to connect with the brand's spectrum of consumers.
This vibrant design solution seeks to attract young consumers to "Mi Alegría" products in a highly competitive category, in which a bold and impactful visual discourse can make the difference and stand out from the visual stimuli to which children are exposed in a toy store.
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