Mi Alegría
Identity and graphic universe for a classic toys manufacturer
Mi Alegría
Identity System
Graphic Universe
"Mi Alegría," a toys manufacturer established in 1956 has accompanied the children of Mexico for many generations. The brand has a characteristic graphic discourse that had not changed... until this day. Legacy® set an internal creative challenge to show the hypothetical evolution of the brand. A fresh take on the beloved brand’s personality to create a stronger visual language to compete in the current market.
Legacy® revitalized "Mi Alegría's" identity, celebrating the brand's heritage and providing a solid foundation for a future contemporary, proprietary and powerful graphic universe. A new brand architecture highlighting the characteristics of each product sub-line now would be possible for its entire portfolio.
The new approach effectively preserves "Mi Alegría's" heritage and its beloved universe to the eyes of its consumer base, and also connects with a new generation that discovers these classic toys in a vast world of modern technology.
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